Model n° 1
Model n° 2
Model n° 3
Model n° 4
Model n° 5
Model n° 6
Model n° 7
Model n° 8
Model n° 9
Model n° 10
Model n° 11
Model n° 12
Model n° 13
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Model n° 15
Model n° 16
Model n° 17
Model n° 18
Model n° 19
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Model n° 24

Model n° 25

Model n° 26
My miniatures



               Model n° 1                        Model n° 2                            Model n° 3


             Model n° 4                          Model n° 5                          Model n° 6


            Model n° 7                           Model n° 8                          Model n° 9


               Model n° 10                       Model n° 11                       Model n° 12


               Model n° 13                       Model n° 14                       Model n° 15


               Model n° 16                     Model n° 17                        Model n° 18


            Model n° 19                       Model n° 20                          Model n° 21


             Model n° 22                          Model n° 23                          Model n° 24


                                Model n° 25                            Model n° 26 


The models were placed in the order of their manufacturing


The model-dresses shown above were reconstructed on the basis of authentic dresses landed by a woman-friend who owns an ancestral family collection from (18e century). Some of them in very good appearance were worn when different historical dresses parades. Of course, some of them were not complete in the detail. I had to search the missing items such as strapless brassieres, lingerie, etc... found in different documentations, elsewhere mentionned.

It was for me a bit of chance to have in hand such a things, to study their fitting on spot and rediscover their original pattern.


All these personal researches are at your disposal now. Some of then at the ½ scaled size (body-stature and waistline 38/40).


According to the standard measurements of these old times, the body prisoner of whalebone brassiere and balconnet  (chest measurement of 86cm for a waist measurement of 54cm, sometimes less)

I had to craft by myself my own dress-stands in order to respect the proportions of these standards.


It was frequently difficult to find suitable dress materials such as silk, brocaded taffeta, because of their out-dated prints and colours.

So I decided to privilegiate colours trying to approach the more possibly the texture and involved ornaments in relation with the size of my dress-stands. Of course I always intended to respect the fitting technic (these assembling technic  appear clearly for each period). Very frequently the lining is made of cotton many in Indian printed calico (printed cotton goods with small ornaments “liberty”).


Sometimes assembled upon my own resources with  several materials recovered from old cotton or taffeta dresses and joined together as a true patchwork.


Inside some model dresses, the needlewoman name appears on the waist measurement fastening.


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