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Toward 1898 – 1899


Dress mode of colour anis taffeta.

The dress is composed of a typical skirt during the period of 1898 to 1899 : one straight panel in the front and 2 panels on the bias tightened down the back by severl pleats.

A crenel flounce and two strips of velvet decorate the bottom of the dress.

Legs of mutton sleeves in two parts (the top made of taffeta, the bottom made in velvet) dressed up the jacket entirely boned and very nipped – in waist. A small tail take the exact shape of the dress.

The shoulders and the neck are covered of a lace worked with a hook (handmade recuperation collar).

Two velvet roses put on the shoulders give a final touch to it.

The skirt goes over two petticoats wich one of them is made of embroidered tulle (also recuperation)








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