Who Am I




Who Am I ?


I was born in 1944 in Marseille and live in Saint Cyr sur mer, small provencal village located between Marseilles and Toulon.



Married, I got  two daughters and three grand-children


My first step in to the sew-art was the realisation of dresses.


The standard patterns bought don’t suit to Every case : it was necessary to recur, fit together several pieces of model patterns.

Do you remember, my dear girls?


After some years of creative “compositions”. I have discovered that sewing, and above all, creating model dresses was beginning a true passion. So, I decided to study more in a private school (Institut International de Coupe et Couture at Marseille), and learn to create my own model dresses according to the excited imagination of my two girls.


These things done, I learnt to cut suits for my husband. A not easy Job because being “tailor for men” is a very meticulous profession.


At the end of this apprenticeship, I was offered by the headmistress the Job of professor in my own school.


My schoolgirls needing a variety of studying supports, I was conducted

to develop my method of model patterns and published several books on the subject.


Since some years, as member of a very imaginative folkloric provencal association, I contribute to realise traditional and olden days dresses and suits.


Fashion shows and parades are very regularly organised. I found out with this association the technic  called “boutis” as well as a remarquable treasure : the woman friend’s attic where are collected dresses coming from olden days (XVIII and XIXe C.)


As a contribution of these shows, I could reproduce, at the very same, dresses often badly worn.


I made small dress-stands and the dresses to suit them according to the scale.


My near kith and kin, thought that it would he a pity to hide all that I have discovered and I decided to open this web-site in order to share with you such a passion.



J. Chiappetta


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